Vol 10, No 2 (2015)

Christianity and Education and Miseducation

The theme for this issue of Saeculum is “Christianity and Education and Miseducation”. Part of the Church’s mission is to spread the good news, and Christianity has a long history in the intellectual tradition and in evangelisation. Theologies have arisen to solidify, rectify, and justify religious education as well as educators. Some religious orders have made it their mission to teach and evangelise, each with their own goals and philosophies of education. Institutions were created with the mission of Christian education in mind. Programs and multiple courses have also sprouted to capture the richness of teaching and learning different aspects of Christianity. Most importantly, when Christian education does not just delivers doctrine, but encompasses individual development, formation, and growth, it can transform the lives of many. Saeculum presents five essays that explore precisely these themes.

Table of Contents


Editorial Team
Katie Zou


Lista Stefania
Andrea Carandang
Cameron Jones
Marra Justin, Saadia Salamath, Leanne Strokov, Shantal Reynolds, Shahad Jarjis
Alice Pan