Vol 11, No 2 (2016)

Christianity in the Modern World

The theme for this issue of Saeculum is “Christianity in the Modern World.” Christianity, as a religion and as an institution, has exerted influence over the social, economic, and political spheres, and continues to do so in the modern world. It has encouraged ways of viewing and living in the world that are in accordance with the teachings that it has held since its inception. However, Christianity, and more specifically, the Catholic Church, has also been critiqued for holding onto longstanding traditions that stand in tension with secular feminism and other contemporary social movements. Nonetheless, the Church continues to have an impact on alleviating suffering and addressing issues of inequality and injustice. Saeculum presents four essays that explore these themes. 

Table of Contents


Andrea Carandang
Andrea Carandang


Patrick Nolin
Emma Graham
Alexandra Potamianos
Magdalena Poweska